Homeowners are not always able to get the look they were hoping for in the traditional manner. These particular clients had both cedar and glulam support beams visible on the great room ceiling. As an ascetic choice, they also added pre-Civil War oak beams to the room. This left them with three clashing wood types visible in one room. The homeowners were hoping to have the cedar beams and glulams look similar to the much older oak beams.

We applied an acrylic plaster to the glulams to give them a rough, splintery look. We attacked the cedar beams with knives, rasps, and even a Dremel to remove straight corners, add grain separations, and create adze marks. Then we used paints and glazes of various colors to match the shades of the older wood. The transformation from new woods into weathered beams is complete.

Do you have disparate materials in your home that the Color Craftsmen could transform into the same finish?