Note to General ContractorsSurprises accompany renovation. Let us reduce the headaches they bring.

Don’t Replace a whole surface if only a portion is damaged

If you or someone you know is a general contractor that needs help with specialty jobs, The Color Craftsmen are ready to assist with those services! You may be familiar with hiring painters, plasterers, and cement workers – but most of them are not aware of the kinds of things that can be done with those materials when a little finesse is employed.

Clever Solutions for Awkward Problems

Innovative Solutions for



Frequently, the Color Craftsmen are asked to help out general contractors that face awkward situations. Shown to the left is an example: a room that’s covered with paneling needs a patch addressed. It’s problematic to remove the affected board, find suitable wood to replace it, and, finally, to install the new piece and match the stain color. It’s less expensive, quicker and involves fewer trades to hire The Color Craftsmen to woodgrain it.

Here are a few more benefits for hiring us:

  • We can save you money, time, and aggravation by being a one-stop shop for all of your specialty needs!
  • We work to match color, texture, and effect on surfaces – we can make old look new; new look old; damaged look undamaged.
  • We work with tile, acrylic, concrete, plaster, drywall, formica, brick, marble, stone, wood, all kinds of hard surfaces, flooring, counters, showers, furniture, etc.

Why replace a whole surface on account of one mark? If you could replace the surface, you could get rid of that eyesore – but it costs way too much to swap it out. Chances are you’ll only need us for these services rarely – but when you do need someone for these kinds of jobs, call us for cost-effective remedies!

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The Color Craftsmen is excited to help you get started with your next project! With the skills and experience of our trusted professionals, you will receive quick and quality results. Call now to request an estimate.

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We are proud members of these associations.