Fireplaces are the heart of the home. Unfortunately for some home owners, their new home comes with an ugly, dingy, or damaged fireplace. At The Color Craftsmen, we offer a variety of options for fireplaces in any style and material to change just that. Not sure where to start? Read below for inspiration.

American Colonial

Bringing traditional and rustic design together with historic elements, American Colonial draws styles from the 1600s through the 1800s  and focuses on muted colors and vintage finishes. Imagine white walls and a roaring fire containing fairly simple designs with handmade, locally harvested wood furniture. Not into the static marble and plaster fireplace? Add a natural wood mantle to match the room’s furniture.


Using subtle shades and elegant, ornate designs, French Classical designs are easy to spot. With decorative ceilings, fireplace moldings, textures, and reliefs accented by gold, silver, and bronze, this style offers a soft, feminine profile full of whimsy and historical charm.

French fireplace
industrial fireplace


Similar to the modern aesthetic, industrial adds a unique fusion of modern and vintage. Industrial focus on loft-like ceilings and materials with rugged charms such as cement, exposed brick, exposed wood, and metals. Imagine the general aesthetic of an Edison lightbulb and you’re on the right track. This makes it the perfect use for a slate, cement, or brick fireplace.


Warm, earthy tones, natural light, and tiled beauty that remind you of Greece and Italy are still in style despite its waning over the years. Done poorly, a Mediterranean fireplace resurfacing can look tacky like you’re at an Olive Garden in the 90s. Trust The Color Craftsmen to do it well, with marble and stone highlights and beautiful paint that will keep the design fresh for years to come.

modern fireplace


Boasting inspiration from minimalism, modern aesthetics focus on clean lines, neutral shades, and architectural designs. Modern design focuses on patterns and colors unlike minimalists, opting to use these elements like accessories more than the main outfit. A shiny lamp here or a bright red vase there, a turquoise plate or yellow plastic chair. Modernism does not need to be associated with plain, boring, and gray.


Rustic, craftsman, beach house, western – however you rustic, this style is incredibly versatile. Born from natural inspirations during the Romantic movement, rustic aesthetics focus on furniture and fabrics made of materials found outdoors like old woods, concrete, stone, wool, cotton, linen, animal heads, and furs. Some of the best places to find decoration or furniture for this style is at flea markets and farm sales.