Change the color of existing surfaces

Stone Projects

Dark brick gives a modern grey look

Fixing aesthetics one brick at a time

Brick Projects

Painted Brick


Painted Brick


we provide specialty concrete rework

Concrete floors can crack for any number of reasons. We'll clean out the damaged area, then use an engineered cement with a fine aggregate along with some dry colorant to fill the cracks. One big advantage for using the aggregate product is the ability to sand the concrete after it's dry. Afterwards we do some color touch up to match with the rest of the surrounding area.

Concrete Projects

Put a Dramatic Finish on Plain Surfaces

beautiful tiles that will leave you floored

Tile Projects

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We offer two kinds of wood solutions:
Make dilapidated wood look new &
make new surfaces look like beautifully aged wood.

Old to New Wood Projects

techniques that turn new wood into old

Sometimes our clients finished installing a new door, new ceiling trusses, or ceiling beam, but the new wood next to the old wood is jarring to look at. We've crafted ways to make that newly constructed part of your building appear old and aged!

Pictured: These are individual strips of paper, painted to look like aged wood

New to Old Wood Projects





Unique Wall Finishes

finished walls.

Perhaps you visited our site to learn about fireplace makeovers. Many of the finishes that we do on fireplace surfaces are suitable for other areas. Plus, additional finishes are also available, like polished plasters and gold leafing!

The Color Craftsmen offer innovative finishes for feature walls, niches, columns, domed ceilings, etc.

We believe that a wall finish should not overpower a room. On the other hand, the finish will create an ambiance. Our goal is for the finish on walls to “fit” the ambiance you want in the room. (If you tell us the feeling that you want the room to establish, we can create a finish that accomplishes your goal.)

Just as a frame does not detract from a portrait, but does complement it, a wall finish should not steal attention from furnishings but may certainly complement them.

A room should slowly reveal itself.

- jack barlow

Front Doors

bringing life to your doors.

Your front door likely takes lots of abuse from ultra violet rays. If the doors are stained wood the finish will deteriorate much more quickly than if it’s painted. We have great solutions for stained doors.

With our vacuum sanding equipment we can remove the existing finish without making clouds of sanding dust.

Another option makes use of paints and glazes to create the look of wood grain. A wide variety of wood tones and wood species can be replicated. Sometimes photographic realism is called for. In other projects a money-saving alternative - which is less labor-intensive, and features less prominent grain lines - works well.

Range Hoods

providing a unique look.

If your kitchen plans call for a unique look on your range hood, we’d like to be involved in your project. Typically range hood projects involve one of many distinctive plasters. The plaster might be textured or smooth and could be virtually any color(s). Most folks in this country are not acquainted with the glories of plaster. Usually we’re inclined to think of plaster as merely a basic building material. Let’s extend that description to include artistry, metallic elements, motifs with flair or characteristics of stone; whether polished stone or rustic stone. Please consult with us about your plans for your custom range hood.

we are problem solvers.

Some tasks are not readily pigeonholed. For example, let’s say you need distinctive signage that’s nothing like anything that’s ever been created. A sign shop may not be the place to go for something that is like no other sign.

Our custom work includes creating all kinds of one-of-a-kind finishes on all kinds of surfaces.

one-of-a-kind finishes on all kinds of surfaces.

What We've Done:

Some of our floor finishes make use of ground mica. Mica is a very reflective mineral which can yield a metallic look. On other floors we innovate with dyes on top of painted finishes to create a great look which is certainly more interesting and inviting than a plain painted finish.

Other times we’re asked to create a finish that looks old. (If that finish will be exposed to the weather, it requires extra cleverness to make it look old without continuing to degrade!)

Sometimes we’re asked to create the look of oxidized metal; verdigris or rust.

We’ve applied new finishes to Formica reception desks as well as countertops.

Sometimes we create wallpaper or employ vinyl graphics.

We like to carve cement to create dimensional features.

Bring us your unusual challenge!

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