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Altering Fireplace Brick

Many fireplaces are made of brick. However, the color of brick doesn’t always create an ideal welcoming environment. Some cover brick with an opaque coat of paint, but that doesn’t always make an improvement. We offer at least four approaches which keep the shape of the bricks but which change the face of each brick.


(or whitewashing) can be done in very many different ways and in any color – or combination of colors. It’s a great way to keep some of the natural appearance of the while lightening it or changing its character.

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Altering Fireplace Brick 22-After-597x1024

Painted Bricks

Painting the brick to look like brick of another color. This approach is very similar to limewashing but other materials are used and various distinctive techniques can be employed.


Texture & Paint. This technique was developed in an effort to simulate the look of stone. It’s generally less expensive than cladding the brick with stone veneer or stone tile.

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Altering Fireplace Brick 4After-597x1024

Smoothed Bricks

Smooth the brick. Here we fill the mortar lines among the bricks and then put a thin coat over brick and mortar. We use a sandable engineered cement which allows us to create a smooth, durable surface. Then, making use of centuries-old European tools and techniques, we create the look of marble or granite directly on the smooth surface.