Amazing Job

John did an amazing job totally changing the look of our fireplace. Our house came with an oversized black marble tile fireplace that I absolutely hated, and John removed the tile and replaced it with a much more rustic stone look with a floating wood plank mantle. He fixed up the drywall and painted everything, and it’s like that ugly black tile was never there. I LOVE how it looks, the price was very reasonable, and John was very professional, helpful, and diligent in getting the job done. Highly recommended!


I have use John Bubenik and his team at Color Craftsmen for almost every room in our house over the past 10-15 years. They are an exceptional team that does fabulous work. They are also very trustworthy and I felt completely comfortable leaving them alone in our home to work their wonders! They also went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me figure out the best color and design choices, making minor repairs, and more. One of their strengths is faux finishes which are very impressive.

What An Improvement

Super job refinishing our den…Off with the old paneling, finally! What an improvement. These guys did top drawer work, referred to me by my brother. Worth the 1 week wait. They are busy. I would definitely call again.

Impeccable Work!

We had our fireplace refaced from an outdated brick to a stunning custom stone look sculpted from cement. The work was impeccable. We are thrilled with the outcome.

Area of Satisfaction

I was most satisfied with my experience because it gave a nice look to my porch.

Above and Beyond

I had a crack in a tile and they filled and color matched that. That was really nice and wasn’t part of my original project.


They did exceptional creative work. Other people said it couldn’t be done, and they resolved unique situations beautifully.

Great Experience

My experience was great. They were well received. This was an easy turn key operation.

Talented and Professional

Color Craftsmen was amazing! John transformed our fireplace by painting the green marble surround to look like a white marble. And he painted the mantel as well. He’s very talented and professional. I highly recommend!

Very Flexible

John converted my fireplace from a 1950s version to something that fits my style. He is really flexible and gave me many options. He would make a change as we went if a better idea came along. I love it.

Very Professional

John did a great job helping us update a 1980’s dark brick fireplace. He used lime washing process to lighten bricks and the project turned out wonderful. Bricks are now a mixture of whites, grays, and beige. His creativity helped us get to the final product. Very professional and would highly recommend John.


We had a beautiful oak kitchen table and chair set that had been abused over the years. John Bubenik restored it to brand new condition. He repaired a couple of the chairs, and he sanded and refinished everything. Now we have new-looking furniture, but didn’t have to replace our old stuff.

Results Are Fantastic

Awesome Job! No other way to explain it. Told owner John Bubenik we are so pleased that I’d write a review for them. We just moved to a 30 year old home and it was in need of some updating. John came highly recommended. He brought out this large portfolio of pictures and sample finishes. In about 2 hours my wife had picked out paint and finishes for kitchen, living room and den and they put this “Aura Stone” in the kitchen for knock-out counter tops. Never seen anything like it. Results are fantastic. Great price, more importantly fantastic work.

Excellent Job

John did an excellent job updating my fireplace and surrounding area. We had a general idea, but John gave us a number of suggestions and ideas to make it look exactly how we wanted. He painted and repaired our bricks and tile, installed drywall, installed and stained floating wood shelves, painted the walls, fixed a water spot on the ceiling and even got on the roof to waterproof our chimney flashing. He was always very patient and never in a hurry, always willing to make changes on the fly, and happy to discuss the project and try out different ideas. I fully recommend the Color Craftsmen.

Really a new marble mantel!

The previous owners of our home recently walked through our house and were excited to see all the changes. They walked into the master bedroom and their jaws dropped when they saw the marble mantel. When I told them it was the same mantel but just painted to look marble they immediately ran over to it and started touching it. I’m fairly certain they still left that night thinking I was lying to them and it was really a new marble mantel.

Area of Satisfaction

His creativity and vision was exceptional.

Sheila loves her home

Sheila loves her home. She’s not afraid of color, she has great taste and she is interested in new ideas. Recently she undertook several projects. We were asked to change the color of the wood in her expansive staircase. Once that project was complete, we talked about the prospect of enhancing her fireplace. She knew that she wanted to enhance it with some drama but didn’t have too many specifics in mind. We recommended a glazed finish because it would impart a sense of age or nobility. Plus, glaze allows us infinite options for color. Sheila reports that after the first color was applied she was afraid the fireplace would turn out way too light. The craftsman encouraged patience. After the second color was applied she was afraid it would be too dark. The craftsman encouraged patience. Finally the finishing touches provided subtle color variation, drama and satisfying splendor. Sheila pointed out that originally there were some small holes and gouges in the fireplace. The Color Craftsmen filled, sanded and colored those areas such that no evidence of them remains, and that pleases Sheila.

Couldn’t Be Happier

I love my fireplace makeover by Color Craftsman! I had a tired old brick fireplace from the 70’s. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but I knew it needed a change. I looked for a option that did not include demolition and I found John at Color Craftsman. He is so knowledgeable and walked me through the entire process from design to color choice and various products that were available to create different looks. It was a fun and easy process. In 2 days I went from rustic to contemporary. We were even able to pull in colors and design elements from my newly remodeled kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. I highly recommend Color Craftsman.

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