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Color Craftsmen are solutionists. We offer two kinds of solutions: practical and aesthetic. Our practical solutions range from matching different types of wood grains to using products which can be installed over the existing surface, keeping the cost down. Our aesthetic solutions revolve around matching the exact look that our clients want, no matter how impossible it seems.

ABOUT The Owner

Founded in 2006 by John Bubenik, Color Craftsmen is a small custom interior refinishing company seeking to provide our customers with the colors they want, the way they want them. Specializing in fireplace makeovers, plasters, metallic paints, specialty cements, and various other products, we will achieve the look you want. We are a small company willing to meet your needs.

  • Extensive past experience in the arts

  • Supplemental training in Europe
  • Winner of several national awards

  • Helpful & easy process for discovering your style

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We are proud members of these associations.

We are proud members of these associations.