Project Description

Your Project!

There are so many different styles of fireplace – it’s really a dizzying variety!  And not every style pleases everyone. If your fireplace doesn’t fit your style, great changes can be made!  

Often homeowners are ready to change the look of their fireplace but they lack a specific plan. Some give up. But not you. Congratulations! You’re on this site looking for ideas. Some folks have long ago concluded that a fireplace is unchangeable so they never research alternatives. 

These days lots and lots of excellent materials and tremendous techniques are available which allow us to change the appearance of a fireplace- either a little or a lot.

What would you like to change about your fireplace?:

  • It’s style
  • It’s color
  • It’s materials
  • It’s size
  • It’s texture

Should any of these things remain as they are?:

  • The mantel
  • The doors
  • The hearth 
  • The main body 
  • The overmantel 

When you communicate with us, here’s what we’ll ask: 

  1. Is there anything you want to keep on your fireplace?
  2. Can you send us a picture of your unit?
  3. Do you have an “inspiration photo”? Find some pictures of styles you do like. ( and are excellent sourcesł)
  4. Determine a few styles you don’t like as well. (That information helps to keep us off the wrong paths!)
  5. We’ll provide photos or samples of styles you might like, as well as a price to create the change. Sometimes we have to create a mock up or photoshop image so you can get an idea of the look.