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Some tasks are not readily pigeonholed. For example, let’s say you need distinctive signage that’s nothing like anything that’s ever been created. A sign shop may not be the place to go for something that is like no other sign.

Our custom work includes creating all kinds of one-of-a-kind finishes on all kinds of surfaces.

one-of-a-kind finishes on all kinds of surfaces.

What We’ve Done:

Some of our floor finishes make use of ground mica. Mica is a very reflective mineral which can yield a metallic look. On other floors we innovate with dyes on top of painted finishes to create a great look which is certainly more interesting and inviting than a plain painted finish.

Other times we’re asked to create a finish that looks old. (If that finish will be exposed to the weather, it requires extra cleverness to make it look old without continuing to degrade!)

Sometimes we’re asked to create the look of oxidized metal; verdigris or rust.

We’ve applied new finishes to Formica reception desks as well as countertops.

Sometimes we create wallpaper or employ vinyl graphics.

We like to carve cement to create dimensional features.

Bring us your unusual challenge!

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