finished walls.

Perhaps you visited our site to learn about fireplace makeovers. Many of the finishes that we do on fireplace surfaces are suitable for other areas. Plus, additional finishes are also available, like polished plasters and gold leafing!

The Color Craftsmen offer innovative finishes for feature walls, niches, columns, domed ceilings, etc.

We believe that a wall finish should not overpower a room. On the other hand, the finish will create an ambiance. Our goal is for the finish on walls to “fit” the ambiance you want in the room. (If you tell us the feeling that you want the room to establish, we can create a finish that accomplishes your goal.)

Just as a frame does not detract from a portrait, but does complement it, a wall finish should not steal attention from furnishings but may certainly complement them.

A room should slowly reveal itself.

– jack barlow

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We are proud members of these associations.